Innovate 2016

Create glittering sparkles just by moving.

HMC interactive designed a captivating and unique motion tracking installation for the inaugural innovate exhibition. Hosted by the Technology Strategy Board and supporting and celebrating innovation and creativity in the UK the exhibition took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.

As if by magic, the movement of people walking past created dazzling sparkles on three wide screens promoting the idea that creativity comes through people. The very ebb and flow of people moving around created a vista of energetic and bright points of light emanating from the people themselves, showing that everyone has a creative streak.

In addition to this, a built-in scheduler enabled quotes on innovation supplied by the client to appear on the screens at regular intervals.

The sparkles and quotes stopped every so often enabling key information on conference events to appear on the screens. This provided a point of contact for the day’s schedule, letting people see what seminars laid ahead.

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